Prophetic Praise and Worship Ministries

Prophetic Praise and Worship Ministries began in the 1980’s by Evangelist Theresa Worship, Sr.; and on every Monday she met with several other women to pray as God directed them.  This was not just any type of prayer, but they were truly intercessors going beyond the normal, and recognizing the call of duty allowing the Holy Spirit to move in miraculous ways.  It was shortly after praying in this manner before they began to see miracles right in the home!

As people gave their prayer requests the hand of God would move.  Babies that were terminally ill were totally healed, loved ones that people were praying for received salvation and came to Christ, people that were stricken with cancer are completely healed, and Theresa Worship Sr.’s granddaughter, Nikkole Worship (Wilson), had a brain tumor at the age of eleven and needed a miracle. She was completely healed and the list goes on!

After the passing of Evangelist Worship, God began to speak to Monique Faith Worship through many different avenues such as prophetic words from upstanding leaders whose fruit bear witness, John 15:16 KJV  “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.” All of them saying “it is time.” Of course this was confirmation knowing that her grandmother’s mantle, Theresa Worship Sr., had fallen upon her and she would carry on the work.   Monique yielded herself to the call, along with Theresa Worship Jr. (daughter-in-law), and Nikkole Worship-Wilson who picked the vision back up realizing that what God had instilled through His Word, His wisdom, and mentor Theresa Worship Sr.,  now is the time to stand up and answer the call!  

Then came the rebirth of the prayer team; and as they joined together God spoke the name of the prayer team, Prophetic Praise and Worship Ministries.

Prophetic because as we began to intercede we allow God to lead us by unction of the Holy Spirit; what it is that He is speaking and wants.  Praise, because we first and always enter into prayer by thanking Him which is a form of praise.  Worship, because that is where we end up as we close out prayer, and after all, that is our last name.  Nothing just happens!

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